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NORDVOLK aka Marcel Slottke is an early bird by discovering the very beginning of the European Electro Scene in the 90's at such events like LOVE PARADE (Berlin), FUSION,, TOMORROWLAND (Belgium), SONAR (Barcelona), or BPM (Mexico). When he felt is was the right time to give back, he stepped recently into the area of the underground dance music scene in New York. Influenced by the Burner- and Art Scene over the past years, he followed his passion for Melodic Deep/Tech House and started to share his very selective collected music archive.

Known for his unique style he creates deep soulful journeys, everyone different and made for it’s unique occasion. Depending on the mood he plays beautiful deep melodic sunset/ rise set’s or deep progressive Tech House at late night. His gigs vary from big outdoor events like Burning Man or underground warehouse parties till to club parties and sound-art driven events. He was playing for ‘I Feel...’ & TY4BY from Carmel Productions, Bubbles & Bass, Verboten New York and such events like Burning Man, PEX in Costa Rica or I FEEL PLAYADISE in Mexico.

His artist name ‘NORDVOLK’ gives a picture of his german roots, which has a great influence on his set’s. Many Label’s he is following are driven by the northern hemisphere or even based in his hometown Hamburg where he was born and raised. He combines those sounds with international underground tracks from around the globe and american artists.

He describes himself as an collector who is constantly digging for new tracks as a treasure hunt for little pearls that will always keep you in a deep melodic journey of emotions and rhythm.

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